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Shoe Upper Unit Machine

Below you can see the name of the machine which comes under the categrory of Shoe Upper Unit Machine.Just click on the machine name to see their Picture

Sl.No Model No Description
1 UM-101 Back Seam Pressing Machine(Pneumatic)
2 UM-102 Circular Strap Cutting Machine Double Station
3 UM-104 Eyeletting Machine(Electrical)
4 UM-105 Eyeletting Machine(Pneumatic)
5 UM-106 Forming Machine (Pneumatic) 8 Pairs
6 UM-107 Forming Machine (Pneumatic) 6 Pairs
7 UM-108 Forming Machine(Manual)
8 UM-109 Glazing and Plating Machine (Hydraulic)
9 UM-110 Latex Spray Booth
10 UM-111 Rotary Ironing Machine(Pneumatic)
11 UM-112 Seam Beating and Ironing(Electronic Type) Single Station
12 UM-114 Stamping Machine (Pneumatic)
13 UM-115 Strap Cutting Machine
14 UM-116 Strap Folding Machine
15 UM-117 Top Puff Attaching Machine(Pneumatic) Double Station
16 UM-118 Top Puff Attaching Machine(Pneumatic) Single Station
17 UM-119 Upper Embossing Machine (Pneumatic)

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