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Shoe Bottom Unit Machine

Below you can see the name of the machine which comes under the categrory of Shoe Bottom Unit Machine.Just click on the machine name to see their Picture

Sl.No Model No Description
1 BM-201 Bottom Scouring Machine
2 BM-202 Chiller Plant
3 BM-203 Counter Moulding Machine(Hot & Cold) Double Station
4 BM-204 Counter Moulding Machine(Hot & Cold) Sigle Station
5 BM-205 Double Exhaust Blower
6 BM-206 Finishing Spray Booth Machine
7 BM-207 Heat Flash Re-Activater Machine
8 BM-208 Hot Air Blower Machine
9 BM-209 Leather Sole Buffing Machine
11 BM-211 Single Exhaust Blower
12 BM-212 Sole Marking Machine
13 BM-213 Toe Moulding Machine
14 BM-214 Top Puff Mulling Machine
15 BM-215 BottOm Conveyor

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